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Calling ALL Team Owners

Calling ALL Team Owners The opening game for the New England Patriots is against the Redskins, the Washington D.C. team at the center of the national naming controversy. I wonder if anyone sees the irony here and if the team owners can have a serious conversation about racism before then.

I do know that the United Church of Christ is voting on a boycott next week. [embed]http://cacucc.s3.amazonaws.com/3DF2257A64C24E0391FF5D14C75E4CE7_Washington%20National%20Football%20Team%20Resolution.pdf[/embed]

Patriots vs Redskins


The Oneida Nation, through activist and tribal leader Ray Halbritter is leading the charge. I am happy to endorse all his efforts and ask him and his team to join everyone wokring to address the issue in the hearts and minds of fans, players, owners all the public everywhere.