lusiness in sports

Racism in the Major League Baseball business, in 2012.

Americans are a mix of many people, from many places but using the identity of a any race of people for profit is exploitive and wrong. Chief Wahoo is a cartoon caricature, demeaning and silly, and should have no place in a city with the long and proud history of Cleveland. It is time for a modern, honorable and positive team identity. Looking forward all players, fans and their children deserve better. It is time to start a new tradition, for Cleveland, baseball and the entire following of the American national pastime. Wear the team colors to support the team and demand a change, from the team owners and from Major League Baseball leadership. There is one way to draw the attention of the owners: impact their profits. This can be done through media, as here, through refusing to attend or even spend time watching and discussing games and to refuse to support the MLB industry by buying everything and anything associated with the MLB franchises and baseball as a sport.

Personally I enjoy the game and would be happy to attend games--once the racism is dealt with effectively and thoroughly. By identifying the problem and speaking out against it I work toward justice and respect for everyone and do this as an American woman, representing only myself. However anyone wishing to join this effort is free to contact me here and join in the process of change.