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Superhuman = All of US, Very Soon

Superhuman = All of US, Very Soon In the past the idea of having a super ability was fiction, mutation, freak and rare. The truth today is that superhuman is coming soon, to your neighborhood, maybe even your family, maybe even YOU. Why fight the inevitable? Between then and now though facing the past, developing new ways to honor, respect and share human dignity can only build a better place for the newly developing technologies to merge with us. Since it will be impossible to ultimately control who has the access to the advances it is in everyone's best interests--for ourselves, our families, our friends, our children, our loved ones--to once and for all walk away from the very obvious entrenched racisms, hatreds and outdated classifications with all the bitterness and simmering anger they leave in their wakes.  The changes are happening--the pace of social change, especially in highly visible sports, can and should accelerate.  MLB, NFL, WWW, NBA, NLS, FIFA--are you all listening, ready to make change happen?