Washington, D.C. NFL & History

Washington, D.C. NFL & History The team name and origin of version.

Reader, do you know that at one point the early European settlers received bounties from their government authorities for scalps of Native Americans?  This is another version of the origin of the name "Redskins"

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Calling ALL Team Owners

Calling ALL Team Owners The opening game for the New England Patriots is against the Redskins, the Washington D.C. team at the center of the national naming controversy. I wonder if anyone sees the irony here and if the team owners can have a serious conversation about racism before then.

I do know that the United Church of Christ is voting on a boycott next week. [embed][/embed]

Patriots vs Redskins


The Oneida Nation, through activist and tribal leader Ray Halbritter is leading the charge. I am happy to endorse all his efforts and ask him and his team to join everyone wokring to address the issue in the hearts and minds of fans, players, owners all the public everywhere.


Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights The United Nations has found  "the use of stereotypes obscures understanding of the reality of Native Americans today and instead help to keep alive racially discriminatory attitudes." Last month the owner of the Redskins was again challenged to reconsider his position on the team name

This week the state of relations between the First Nations and Canada have again come under critical review and been found wanting. This parallels findings to some extent of the Special Rapportuer when he was examining the situation in the USA. He clearly outlined standards: "Private actors also have responsibilities independently of the States' obligation to promote and protect human rights," Mr. Anaya said. 

MLB teams are in Canada and the USA, both have indigenous peoples still living in communities with rights of self-governance and MLB still continues to claim the name and logo in Cleveland are neither racist nor contributors to racism. Are these claims honestly true?

After Listening, Then What?

After Listening, Then What?

It is time to listen AND change. We are one race, the human race. Profitting from and promoting division based on skin color and old ideas about race can end. All it takes is a decision. Those with the ability to make the decisions to change must accept the responsibiity when they do not choose to change, and all events arising from endorsing judgments based on race, ugly stereotypes and discrimination. We should be proud of all our sports teams, their names and their mascots. For now we can work to make the changes become real.  NOW. To think that the businesses that are major sports teams cannot develop new identities ignores their histories--almost every single team has had several names. As the world changes so do the teams. The time for this to happen is now.