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Where Real Change Can Start--Today

Something to Consider AND A Needed Change I live near Cambridge, the city outside Boston where Harvard is located and whichis mentioned in the link. More change than highlighted here is needed: the parking on the streets in Cambridge is so cramped and scarce(and Harvard does not seem to build either new parking facilities or dorms) that parking spaces, just like student body acceptance places are “legacy.”

The point of the article, that social stratification is real, is long overdue. It happens worldwide and in all ethnic, social and racial communities. I personally would like to see the concept of "race" replaced by our identity as human beings and just maybe race re-identified as simply skin color, as we have eye color, hair color, height, weight. But we have to start where we are for that to happen. Any demographers, US Census folks who happen to read this, other writers, scholars--and even those who profit from the concept of race--think ahead and lead the change: no mare racial classification, change the datas point to skin color. Sould be rather interesting

Social acceptance, being part of the in crowd, the “right kind” of person is so fraught that I have a new suggetion: all legacy acceptances require at least a one generational skip–if either parent was accepted at any school they could not have their child accepted at the same school–perhaps a grandchild could apply but the grandparents could not pay the tuition(however creatively the accoutants and lawyers would try to mask the source of the funds). Moving to fully state financed education would take more time, of course but this could be a good start since the truth is: we neeed smart, diverse people to thrive in our smart, leading edge modern economy. Old family ties are less relevant to success than they have ever been throughout history–real success that is. Our world is networked and connected like never before so we all do need new solutions and new ways of approaching what were long established “norms.” Rebranding society, success and what is seen as social prominence(and economic/political/et al) would be a good place to start.