Racism, Causing Violence?

Racism, Causing Violence?  

Why???Why does racism matter? It leads to violence ultimately. Why does violence matter to you, me or anyone? When people physically attack each other the risk that any individual can be physically harmed grows. When we see violence, when we read about violence, when we know people who have been victims or survivors of violence or when we our selves are physically harmed the likelihood that there will be more violence increases.

It is simple self-interest for each of us to want to see violence reduced. We cannot guarantee that we ourselves will be able to protect ourselves or our loved ones each and every time there is a risk of violence. This is true no matter who we are or where we live.

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For our own personal safety the far smarter course is to work to increase the support for mutual respect and peaceful means of reducing disagreements and physical conflict. Simple to understand. Not always simple to do. Still worth knowing and still worth doing.

Pre-Incident Behaviors

Racism hurts everyone. It is time for the sports organizations to understand this, discuss it and work to stop it. Cleveland, The Dolan family, all the faith organizations in Cleveland and Cleveland baseball fans everywhere--you can start the process. Change the team name and retire Chief Wahoo. Will you?

Only 1 Part Missing

Only 1 Part Missing

Generally a good review of the history of the name and logo in Cleveland. One important part is missing--the 1999 lawsuit filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission against the Cleveland Municipal Stadium Corporation and the team, as well as prior lawsuits. What happened with the last lawsuit?

I know because I was a party to that filing. We did expect a negative ruling and received one. The overall legal enviroment and a few other cases led us to decide to find other ways to bring about the change. 

Now, with social media, increasing international play by the MLB and Cleveland getting attention and focus on this issue it is time for even the Dolan family and Mr. Larry Dolan to step up to the plate and take a really good swing at revamping the entire team identity. If he does not have the heart for the good of the game he needs to find someone who does.                             cover-1.jpg 

Insult For Insult? Whoa

Is it legitimate to use a similar insult to highlight someone else's insult? The Onion thinks so as reported here by CBS News New York today: and internationally

Redskins, Indians, and every other insulting racially tied name need to be taken out of public use in every and all commercial enterprise, of which the Onion is certain one. Adding to the vitrol with more hate speech helps no one and hardens thinking. 

Today, in nearby(to me) Boston the first game of the World series is starting. I would love to go, listen, support the team and yes I like the game. One of my fondest memories of my childhood is sitting in a parked car with my uncle while my aunt finished her shopping and we listened to the game on the car radio and he taught it to me. Or on the porch in the summer and hearing the play-by-play. As a "girl" back then I was not supposed to be to much the sport lover so I often did not understand a lot. What I understood was the family closeness, enthusiasm, energy and excitement. 

Today plenty of young people, worldwide feel those same feelings. It is time to end the association of MLB and all major commercial teams with any and all forms of racism. "Chief Wahoo" and the "Indians" included. MLB, Mr. Bud Selig, Mr. Dolan, will you finally step up to the plate and swing for the bleachers--do it right? Change it up? 

By now you know where to find me. Your silence means one thing: you approve the current situation. Tradition? I don't think so. Being "one of the boys"--whoever those boys/men/groups happen to be? Maybe? Profits and ego? Most likely. Do you really want the current situation to be your legacy? Really?

As I asked a Cleveland City Council member years ago when he said he only bought his grandson the team hat with the C on it because he loved Cleveland--"Would you put one dollar in the team owner's wallet if the team was named the Cleveland "N...." His answer was, and I quote, a deep laugh then "Right on sister."

He knew racism then, I know it now and so do all of you. Next time look you each look in the mirror look hard, think of your children and grandchildren--they will all know your positions on this.