Make 2018-2019 The Year For Good, For A (Real) Change

September is almost here. School is starting. It is time to begin to learn about sports teams’ Native American identities and mascots, the harm stereotypes do and how they factor into teaching racism. This site has been quiet for months as the country and the world and all of us living and working and going to school have had to deal with the chaos and nonsense largely coming out of Washington D.C. and the White House on a daily and sometimes hour by hour basis.


Now it is time to bring good and positive change to local communities, where we all live.  If your team, school or professional, does not have a Native American team identity or mascot, good—yet I can almost guarantee they play a team that does. Certainly it is true that all the professional leagues have Native American team identities. Start with this link and learn and make the decision to do one thing at least every week to learn more, open a conversation, be a positive influence in your world.

Say NO To RACISM in SPORTS. At All levels, in all ways.