Race Based Stereotypes In Sports Must Change

What is wrong with stereotypes, including those we have come to see as “cute” or even those we, at least some of us, love?

1.      No stereotype is true since no group of people share the same traits or abilities or even physical characteristics.

2.      Stereotypes, no matter what they are based on create the us/them divide.

3.      Stereotypes trap people into false and rigid thinking, on both sides of the stereotype.

4.      Those who create and support stereotypes see themselves as some way better than or superior to those they stereotype. Can you name one stereotype that completely puts the group stereotyped in a fully superior position to the creator of the stereotype?

5.      The divides stereotypes create lead to conflicts between the group doing the stereotyping and the group stereotyped. This also applies to those considered similar to the group stereotyped.

6.      Conflict can lead to isolation, bullying and far too often violence, from minor to extreme.

7.      When one social group endorses a stereotype peer and social pressure can force even those who object to the stereotype into silence.

8.      Stereotypes never honor any group or individual, they do perpetuate false beliefs. The underlying dishonesty is something people are deeply aware of even if they do not fully understand it.

9.      Stereotypes have caused some of the worst violence in human history. We must learn from the past and remove stereotypes and address the thinking that enforces and supports them.

10.   Can you name groups which can be stereotyped?

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