Making Change Happen

How do we change team identities? 

1. Create awareness of the issue through education and media.

2. Open conversations everywhere around a specific team--local to national.

3. Develop exciting alternative names and team identities.

4. Bring in those in power to the conversation, from players to fans to coaches to sponsors to all school administrators and community leaders, to team owners and politicial leaders.

5. Media, media and media-everywhere, everyone, all kinds and all formats.

6. Have votes or leaders making choices and decisions or whatever will make it happen--different situations require different approaches


The issue is too important to let an entrenched old school interest (or group or gang--of any kind) hold the issue of racism in sports teams' identities hostage. It is time for change. Any racial stereotype is bad, each and every stereotype supports all stereotypes, no matter the group involved. Start the chanage, be the change. Now.