Facing Racism Against Indigenous Peoples in America

What is the foundation of society? Once people have come together in a group and share a given physical space the social interactions will be endless conflict unless shared values develop. Those shared values in the 21st century are based within spiritual, cultural and national identities but the strongest worldwide, to date, are the spiritual beliefs. We are still, we human beings, fighting wars and killing each other over our spiritual and religious beliefs. It is time to move beyond this and perhaps the best efforts will be showcased by Pope Francis when he speaks at the U.S. Congress and to the United Nations. He is carrying words and ideas in the face of weapons and death. 

What might be the greatest thing the Pope can do on this visit? It depends upon what area of life interests you, kind reader, the most. But, as a Roman Catholic I would like to see His Holiness right one of the greatest historic wrongs the Church has ever committed: rescind or renounce or formally relegate to the permanently inactive file of history the Papal Bull which is now known as the Doctrine of Discovery. The history and positions taken by the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Quakers and others are good and realistic examples and for once the Roman Catholic Church can follow rather than lead. Humility comes in many forms and it always contains the ability to take ownership when one has been wrong, transparently and with accountability.