Why is the MLB Cleveland Mascot like the Confederate Flag?

No More Racism In Sports

No More Racism In Sports

A flag from a rebel group of slave supporting states and a cartoon charicature mascot of a MLB sports team--what can they have in common? History. Native Americans, the indigenous people of America depicted in caricature and a permanent childlike state(i.s. racist, exploitative and demeaning) who are descendants of the truly first settlers on the soil of North and South America live among us all today. Yet their images, insultingly trivializing images, are used for profit by the ancestors of those who arrived and took over their lands, those who would not have survived but for the assistance of those very first inhabitants.  African Americans, those placed in the category of property not people by the creators of the Confederate flag, who are descendants of the slaves brought to the Americas as owned property still live among us all today. Yet the flag of the people who vowed to own them is still held up as an historic symbol of the slave system today by the descendants of the slave owners. The shared lies, oppression and profiteering about and from these images cross wars, decades and even centuries remaining still unresolved today.


People of color are not property, they/we are human beings. We people are, after all each some color--because we all have skin. It is my absolutely belief that no person has the right to enslave another human being. It is also wrong to perpetuate racism and profit in the process. Indigenous peoples, in the Americas and worldwide, do not remain children throughout their lives. We all begin as children and we grow, into communities, into adults. A baseball team named after a race of people in the 21st century is unjustified, unethical, immoral and wrong. 

Our world and our American society has changed and advanced over the many years since its beginnings. To perpetuate vile untruths, hide them within excuses of tradition and historical false accuracy ignores a fundamental truth: those who hate, for reasons known only to them, people of different backgrounds and races than themselves use these symbols as endorsements for their hate and violence. Until society as a whole stands up, until all good and strong Americans find the courage to say: "No More" the hate and killings will sadly and horrifically continue. I wonder if it has crossed the minds of those who advise the billionaires, politicians, team personnel and perhaps the billionaires themselves still supporting both the team identities and the Confederate flag that their endorsement of these symbols can easily be seen as silent support for the racist beliefs held by the extremist killers? If this idea has not reached their awareness before perhaps it should now. 

We in America, white people, and not white people, must say a long, loud and resounding NO to racism in all its forms.