Arrests and Violence And Call for Calm in Cleveland, Ohio

Everyone wants peace and yet everyone wants change. It is a complicated process but process it is.  Both can only begin with meeting, discussing and learning from everyone involved. When NBA Superstar and Cleveland's reigning hero LeBron James says a game can be a distraction he is exactly right. But I find myself wondering, how exactly does he propose to find racial justice in a city with the MLB team showing a racially degrading image as its mascot. Does he know who Little Black Sambo was? Does he know the history of the restaurant chain created from that name? Does he know one restaurant still exists, one with hopes of expansion?  In the name of winning do his handlers and coaches keep him isolated from such troubling information? My suspicion is the latter. Yet as a black superstar from humble beginnings he and his family must know racism still exists, still harms all of society. Cleveland needs and wants a winner. Winning on civil and human rights could be the city's greatest win ever. 

Yesterday is over, We have today so what can we do, together today to make today good and tomorrow better? 

Sunday calm followed Saturday violence in protests in Cleveland, Ohio. Monday reports have surfaced of calls for peaceful protests in Cleveland to protest the Brelo aquittal

LeBron calls for peace, claims a game can be a distration.

LeBron calls for peace, claims a game can be a distration.

I am a white woman anti-racist who wants to see change happen, everywhere, peacefully. I have worked most of my life either on or near the front lines of change. Cleveland, now, today, will you take the first step? Face the lead, the comfort and endorsement the MLB team gives to racists, no matter where they live or what they do. Here is what everyone can do: protest peacefully for justice and always demand the Cleveland MLB team change the name, change the mascot. .