Trademark Racism

The Major League Baseball season is underway. Currently there are no pending legal cases against the racist teams' identities in the game either under American Civil Rights Laws or Trademark status. It seems as if everyone is waiting on the Red****s Trademark appeal. A development this past January should be of interest to everyone aware of and involved in this situation. The Depart of Justice has entered the case, upholding the challenge filed against the original plaintiffs by the corporate owners of the NF team. 

Assistant Attorney General Joyce R. Branda for the Civil Division.  “I believe strongly in the rights of all Americans to celebrate and maintain their unique cultural heritage.  Going forward, we will strive to maintain the ability of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to make its own judgment on these matters, based on clear authorities established by law.” 


I believe most of the leagues and most team owners are well intentioned. Most, not all. I think many do not understand the issue but their actions are not showing serious attempts to consider new ideas. The possibility that their silence about the racist team identities is approval of those team identities. They all share in profits to a greater or lesser degree. They allow the racism to be accepted and endorsed wherever they play, they allow the racism to be taught to our children. Perhaps the owners and the league leaders are so focused on the winning and losing in sports they no longer understand success is hollow when it lacks fundamental moral and ethical integrity.


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                                            Game ON!

To help the teams, the players, the fans and the leadership remember I am developing a game for the players and all game player to enjoy, one with moral and ethical integrity. It is not a random undertaking and I certainly know I cannot do it alone. I need a team. Those of us who care about racism in sports team identities cannot succeed alone.  We need each other, we need many skills and real energy, we need cod developers and mobile game app designers. I have ideas, I believe in the challenge of change and see beyond the status quo. By coming together, building new and better games and creating community around these games I do feel we can make today good and tomorrow better since we all know yesterday cannot be changed. There is opportunity in every sunrise and on every playing field.

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