Indigenous People's Day Is Spreading

Happily the concept of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day is  It has been done in Belfast Main through a vote in City Council. By honoring Indigenous people and Native 

Americans we can indeed show the world that we who work in anti-racism find the racist team identities unacceptable, the trademarks illegal. 

Now the challenge is to bring Indigenous People's Day to Massachusetts--isn't it irnoic that a state with a name directly from a tribal people, variously identified in English as Massachuset, meaning a location near a great hill, often thought to be the Blue Hills, or Moswetuset referring to hill shaped like an arrow, referencing a hill in Quincy, MA. I will approach my local government in Weymouth to see if we can follow belfast, Maine. A new Mayor is being sworn in on Jan 4, 2016 but this week I plan on sending a letter to our current mayor and the mayor elect. Weymouth dates back to 1623 as a town/city so this can be a good place to start the conversations.

Here is the current home of the Weymouth Historical Society, founded 1879. It is obviously a European homestead so brining attention to the indigenous peopl who lived here before Columbuds seems most appropriate.