Thank You California and Gov. Brown, Thank you Philadelphia

It may be true that most people like progress while individually resisting change yet California once again leads the nation in doing change right. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill which has banned the use of the "R" word in identifying California's school teams. 

In other states various cities have taken other approaches in dealing with the NFL Washington D.C. team name. It is possible to confront racism quietly and keep everyone comfortable. It is also time to be honest, to identify the one arena where America still endorses, supports, teaches and often profits from racism: Sports teams' identities when the team is identified as part of a Native American stereotype but not owned by a Native American tribe.

NFL are you paying attention? 

The blunt truth is that America, as a country, and each and every American as individuals, can and must do and be better than the racism perpetuated in our sports teams' identities. Across the world people are killing each other over identity issues daily. Sometimes Americans are caught up in the violence.  Americans have killed other Americans very recently over identity issues. To state the obvious: Racism is dangerous. This last safe refuge of racism, sports team identities must be recognized and it must be changed. There is no reason not to do the right thing. Any objection can be met with logic and even business analysis if need be. Finally, will the billionaire team owners, the leagues and their players step up and take the real leadership their postions give them or will they continue to buckle to social pressures among their peers? 

Change the Names, change the Mascots.