Succession--Mr. Selig A New Process Is Required

Every organization needs a leader/spokesperson, MLB included. The difficulty here is the secrecy of the process. Combine that with the very real isolation of the billionaire owners and baseball, the National Pastime and American invention teeters on the brink of irrelevancy or revolution.

Think about this: if you worked for a billionaire would you want to be the bearer of bad news, in any form? Not likely. An out of sorts billionaire is not a pretty sight. It would not bode well for friends, family or continued employment.

Traditionally lawyers were the carriers of negative information but with the top courts increasingly favoring the .1% their realm has little negative news to convey. Yet there is a way forward, a new way, perhaps another American invention? Open the process, to the fans, the players, the team staff, even the unions for a negotiated choice of a leader and then let the owners determine terms and tenure.

I sincerely doubt the owners will be reading this but everyone who loves the game, loves sport or is in any of the mentioned categories and each and every family member of those people, owner’s families included, maybe some of you are reading this. Oh, all politicians and their staffs, you, too, of course. It is about the quintessential American game.  

Step up to the plate, take a swing. You can’t win if you aren’t in the game and maybe you will hit one out of the park.Image