Who Pays For This? Who Profits From This?

Who Pays?

  • The Fans
  • Every business that discounts or donates products and services for the honor of being part of the team experience
  • Volunteers who work unpaid for the "privilege" or sharing the experience and being forced to support the racism just so they can support the home team
  • The children who are taught racism for profit is a find and acceptable thing
  • The children who are victims of racism
  • All victims of racist hate crimes

Who Profits?

  • Daniel Snyder, the Redskins NFL team owner, a billionaire
  • The National Football League
  • The players on the Redskins team and all other NFL teams
  • All affiliated businesses, merchandisers, corporate sponsors
  • All Snyders many thousands of employees, both in the team system and throughout his corporate empire.